Fez William works with materials and designs that are not traditionally associated with popart. “Art is like jewelry on the wall”, she said. In the different artworks and sculptures she uses unconventional  materials and the final pieces are both luxurious and timeless. The use of  24ct gold leaf and 14ct gold-filled wire, ruby, sapphire & cut and crushed GASSAN diamonds, defines her fascination for luxury and the hidden treasures in the human nature. All of the artworks are like different chapters of the same book. Working in-between layers of liquid gloss she creates a mesmerizing story of lust, tradition and self-reflection. The Poppy sculptures are both mysterious and outgoing,  Fez has a Master in Art, Interior design and Philosophy of Human Nature. She loves  her heritage of 3 different continents and along with her passion for travelling, she is always inspired by the different cultures a who surprisingly all add the same value to gold. Fez has permanent exhibitions in available Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Paris, Toronto, New York, Marbella , Nice, Mumbai and Geneva.